Growing Old But Not Old

After doing a multiple of crazy things in my life and having an amazing journey, so far, I decided to go full circle and return to radio where I started this journey. I have been there and done that, whatever and wherever it is. I started on radio doing FM that was a totally new concept with many fewer commercials and broadcasting and in stereo. Can you believe that stereo? What a freaking’ concept, playing long versions of Light My Fire, over seven minutes long and Iron Butterfly’s In -A-Gadda-Da-Vida 25 minutes long. Stereos were huge. I went into a little head shop that must have been 500 square feet and they were playing The Doors on speakers that were 8 feet high and the sound was amazing. I could feel the bass pounding my chest, I never wanted to leave that store.

Now I’m broadcasting on a device that fits in the palm of my hand and listening through these little things called ear buds. You know I must admit the sound is really great. The quality is pitch perfect, but what if I want to hear all the imperfections, the pops, hisses and skips. Do I miss that? No freakin’ way. I was once listening to a Jethro Tull album, Benefit and someone had dripped candle wax on it. For the rest of it’s days it skipped over half of a great song, Teacher. Years later I obtained an mp3 copy of the album and after listening to it I really missed that skip. I waited for it, but it just wasn’t there. Crazy how those things just seem to stick with you.

Enough of the old man shit, let’s get into the new show. Although it will be shorter than most radio program’s 30 minutes to start off with. I’ll be playing the music you want to hear. Dedications, you bet. We’ve all been touched by cancer in one way or another. Whether yourself, a family member, friend, caregiver or someone in the neighborhood. It’s out there and its mean, its a bully of indescribable force, has the power to grab you and not let go. It’s relentless and just doesn’t care what it’s doing to you, your family and everyone around you. It doesn’t play favorites either. If it wants you it will find and grab you and like a12 foot Great White Shark it won’t let go.

This radio show is just as much for me as it is for you. We’re going to talk, interact, remember, sometimes laugh and always play great music. I can promise you this, you will be entertained. So I may say a dirty word now and then, maybe do a little from my stand-up routine. And if you’ve seen me live you know what I’m talking about.

So now its time to turn on and tune in to KUFC Radio: